Yesterday, during lunch, a co-worker asked me how my diet was going. I told her I was down 12.2 lbs as of last week's weigh-in. She then asked me the cost of Weight Watchers. I told her that you can pay $13.00 weekly, but that I pay monthly at $39.95 which averages to about $10.00 a week. She told me that wasn't a bad deal when you consider the food cost. Hmmmmmm......

I told her that cost didn't include food (once again I explained that WW isn't Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem); she then said well I guess that's an okay price for the exercise. Again, I it's not a gym. To which she asked, "Well, what are you getting for $40.00?" I told her complete access to the WW website, a weekly weigh-in - that keeps me very accountable; and much information, tips and group support. She replied, "Well for $20..00 a month I'll give you some tips." This coming from someone who also struggles with weight issues...why would I take advice from her? She's obviously not following her own advice.

Anyone that reads here regularly certainly knows that I'm an advocate for doing things FREE whenever possible. There are many weight loss sites that have no fee associated with them ( for example) and I highly recommend them. However, I could never get them to work for any length of time because I'm a person that needs some accountability; and though I have fallen a few times...knowing that weigh-in is coming up gets me right back on track!! The one thing I like about WW is that I can eat WHATEVER I WANT. You just have to keep within your point range. Naturally you don't want to use all your points in one meal and starve the rest of the you learn correct portions and you learn to choose healthier ones. I eat rather a lot in a day's time, and I don't always use all my points!

So maybe you wouldn't pay $40.00 a month, but I think it's been a worthwhile investment!

10/27/2010 10:32 AM Kim wrote:

OMG, are you blogging at work??

The co-worker has no idea...tell her you don't think her tips are worth $20 as she doesn't have the success standing behind them!