He's Still A Special Kitty

Saturday was a fun day.  The festival downtown was very nice and there were more vendors than the past few years.  Hubby and I are thinking of a booth for next year.  Anyway, I had walked down, checked things out and picked up food and took it home.  After eating, I settled down to watch some tv...it wasn't long that my phone rang and my two neices told me they were downtown at the festival in the beer tent area.  I told them I'd be down. 

I'm not a beer drinker - blah!  But I paid the $3.00 to get in the area, got my free beer and handed it over to my neices.  We sat and chatted, I called hubby to tell him where we were and he said when he got home he'd join us.

While we were sitting there a woman asked "Do you mind if he sits at your table to eat."  I turned and it was an elderly man with a walker that I immediately recognized as my neighbor.  So they sat down with us.  Hubby shows up with Keyser and we all start chatting.  My neighbor finally asks, "What's your cat's name, the one with the white face."  I said, "Joppa."  He proceeds to tell us that Joppa comes IN their house and inspects all the rooms before leaving almost daily.  They find him very amusing.  He's "special" remember?  I'm beginning to wonder which neighbor won't be charmed by him???

Later that day, I went to CC's to pet sit overnight. 

Nice relaxing day...