He's a Special Kitty

Yesterday, I got home from work and began the normal dog walk.  Whenever Joppa or Cooper are around, they come along for the walk (both Strat and Mickey use to do this as well).  Though I know it must be a funny site to others; it can be both funny and annoying.  The cats mess with the dogs, if you're walking along the street the cats seem to be oblivious to the cars around them sometimes.  So it may be a funny site...but it can be annoying and well dangerous.

But yesterday, I started out the door with the dogs and Joppa decided to tag along.  I decided it best to walk the field next to the alley.  Almost immediately after leaving the house, our mail lady came around the corner.  She delivers my mail and begins to walk towards the house behind us.  Closer to me, she asks the obvious, "Is that cat actually walking with you?"  I, of course, said "Yes."  She was very impressed and said "Wow, I thought my cat was special; but he *is* a *very* special kitty."  I agreed and told her I have an orange cat that will walk with us at times as well (actually Cooper would of been walking with us, but when he saw the mail lady he hid under the car).  "Very special."

Joppa is a special kitty.  He is very friendly and will go to anyone.  That's a blessing and a curse as well.  Blessing because who doesn't want a lap cat?  Curse, because, well....anyone could take him and keep him.  But for the most part the neighborhood seems to know who he is and who he belongs to.  He visits everyone.  Last night while walking Toby...Joppa and Cooper trailed along.  We rounded the corner and a car very slowly was driving down the street.  I turned around and realized both the cats were messing way to close to the curb thus the car driving slow.  The car passed us and parked across the street a little ways down in front of a house.  A little girl hopped out, ran across the street, picked up Joppa and took him over to her front yard and began playing.

As I reach the area right across the street, the mother comes over and asks if that was my cat.  I tell her it is.  She says my daughter will be glad to hear that.  He's there all the time playing with her in the front yard and despite his collar/tags, she assumed he was homeless, though they've tried to tell her otherwise.  I told her that was not a problem as long as he wasn't bothering them and that he does at times go up the hill to the housing development and play with the kids up there.  Her daughter has named him (I forget what she told me) and I told her the housing development refers to him as "Gizmo" but his name is "Joppa".

I really think a microchip appointment needs to be made.


Today I walked down to the street festival in town.  Lots of stands up and lots of food!  Not wanting to totally destroy my diet, but also knowing it would be hard to count points.  I opted a "no point" day, but be sensible with what you're doing.  I ended up with BBQ chicken and baked beans.  Walked right past the funnel cake, smoothies and kettle popcorn.