Girls Night Out

Last night was a planned "girls night" for CC and I.  Yes, I know, we do that every Thursday with Weight Watchers and a movie; but this was another night we chose - mostly because one of the Local Theatres advertised the original "Night of the Living Dead" for retro night.

Every since we were little, we've loved this movie!  Oh, yes - we hide our eyes through most of it (still do) but zombie movies have always stuck with us - though this one remains the best.  Anyway, on Wednesday I took notice that the theatre mentioned the 1990 version.  Hmmmmmm......I then clicked for the trailer and got the 2006 3D version (which is awful).  So I went to their FaceBook page and asked which version they were showing.  They were unable to get the original but got the 1990 remake instead.  This disappointed us greatly - always wanted to see the original on the big screen.

But we decided to go out anyway.  We chose to eat at The Greene Turtle .  This turned out to be a wise choice.  When all possible I like to go online and pull out the nutrition labels for restaurants (chain ones normally have this for their menus).  When I pulled up The Greene Turtle's and printed it out, I noticed it had a column for "dietary points".  Hmmmm....I randomly checked some items and discovered these "dietary points" are actually "weight watcher points"!  Bingo!

When we pulled out the pages of nutrional values at the restaurant, we explained to the waitress that we were doing Weight Watchers and would need a few extra minutes to we worked it out.  She in turn, sits down, says she just joined WW online and was unaware that the nutrional listing included points!  She was quite surprised that some of the items (wings for example) came in at double or more points that you're allowed in one day.  She also shared the list with the bartender (another Weight Watcher's member) and another shocked person at the point values.

We each ordered a crabcake (2 pts), red mashed potatoes with beef gravy (3 pts) and a cup of vegetable crab soup (3 pts) for a total meal of 8 pts!!  It was so very good!  Who am I kidding - I felt like I was in heaven!!

We then headed to the movies to see "Like Dandelion Dust".  Which is a very good movie.  We were in the theatre with the recliners, which are nice, but certainly not worth the extra $4.00 per ticket.

All in all it was a great evening!