Don't Take It So Seriously

Today I'd like to explain to everyone about blogging. Blogs are created for a number of reasons. My blog was created just as an expression of myself..
Though I enjoy that people read here, it's not a necessity for me. A close friend of mine recently went through an incident over a blog posting. Those that were upset over the post refuse to listen to any reasoning. So let me explain.

A blog posting is that of the blogger at the moment they are writing. They may have had a bad day and/or a situation may have upset them. They may be dealing with a struggle and are trying to work their thoughts out. Oh yes, I know there are those postings that are true attacks, but most people don't mean it in that way.

I could write a blog today and set it to post on my blog 6 months from now. Yep, there's a time date option. I can set the date and the time of day I want it to post. So what you may be reading could have been written at another time. Don't always depend on the date/time of the blog as proof of when it was written. Most of the postings I put up for special occasions (my anniversary for example) are set to post several weeks earlier.

Don't read between the lines. In my friend's defense, her blog was simply an opinion of a struggle she's been dealing with. She wasn't slamming anyone or any place. But the people that got upset saw it differently. There was no reason for anyone to be upset, as the post had no innuendos to it, it was her exact thoughts written out. Actually I think the issue is, that there opinion is different and thus that means hers must be wrong. Well, no one is really would be an awfully boring world if we all had the same opinions. Had they spent time reading more of her postings, they'd realize that this is a struggle she's been dealing with for some time; and one of the reasons? Because she truly cares for all of them and thus it makes the situation complicated.

Blogs aren't always written with a certain situation in mind; even if they are that doesn't mean it's about you. Twice I've had postings that for some reason struck cords with some people. It really wasn't about them but I found it funny that they saw themselves in it. I guess it's the "if the shoe fits, wear it" situation. But obviously if my opinion is different; it doesn't mean I don't respect yours or that I don't like you anymore or something. Don't read too much into it.

I always figure that my blog is my personal space. I'm allowed to be happy, sad and angry on it. I'm allowed to have a bad day and a different opinion. Sometimes it's just a mindless rant to help me sort the situation out or the rant just makes me feel better. No one should take it personally. Tomorrow I may read it and say to myself "Why was I all upset over that?" Or "Yep, I know what to do now." Or "I need to look further to sort this out." Or "I feel so much better after ranting about something entirely stupid." Or the worse (and it's happened) "I wish I never would of wrote that - I feel so stupid!"(and fortunately true friends just overlook it or take you out for a drink!).

Blogging is a delicate situation, but remember "Don't take things so seriously." And if it really concerns you? Personally talk to the blogger, don't make it a bigger issue then it has to be.


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