Do You Freecycle?

I discovered Freecycle a few years ago.  I really enjoyed my town's group on Yahoo...but this past year they moved the group to the actuall site.  The site moves like molasses, and thus the group isn't as active anymore (but the moderators don't seem to care).  I hadn't been there in quite a long time, but popped in and did a quick hop through the list.

If you're unfamiliar, on freecycle you can offer items for FREE or post wanted items (though there are limits).  Since everything must be FREE; when you post a wanted ad - you're basically asking someone to give you something for nothing.

So I found this post rather humorous:

Wanted:  i am looking for a washer and dryer the front loader with the pedistools.

Really?  REALLY?   Have you priced front loader washer & dryers?  The pedestals alone can be priced at $150-$300 a piece.  I guess it never hurts to ask, but if you're truly in need of a washer & dryer - would you really be this particular????  I bet he couldn't control the emails that flooded his box as people offered to give up their frontloaders and pedestals.  Yeah, I'm being sarcastic.

People are funny.