Yes, I've been a very bad blogger; can't help it way too much going on!

First off, this is for Kim!  Thanks for all your advice with the kittys.  Just for the record, we've done all that...but no decision has been made yet and actually Spunky has been using the litterbox!  Sebastian's skin condition seems to be clearing up...so we're out of decision mode for the time being.  And Kim, no, I was never mad at you for your first comment...I just didn't want anyone to think that because the cats weren't "perfect" I was going to take the easy way out.  My pets are my children - I'd do anything for them!

CC and I joined Weight Watchers this week.  So far everything seems to be going okay and I found the meeting very informative.  I really liked the leader as it took 3 times at Weight Watchers for her to lose her weight (and keep it off), so she understands the ups & downs of dieting.  That always helps!  I think physically going to meetings and having CC along for the ride, will keep me more accountable and in line.

Work's been ho-hum....same stuff, different days...nothing seems to change.