This & That

I know that I missed my Shure Pets post yesterday and that I've missed the Thursday Thirteen more than once - hopefully I'll get that worked out!

I'm house/pet sitting at CC's this weekend.  While she's off at Cape May, NJ enjoying some beach time.....I'm here breaking things at her house - lol!!  No kidding, I got out of bed last night and was somewhat disoriented (suppose I forgot where I was) and knocked over and broke a perfume bottle off the dresser (yes we all smelled wonderful after that) I had to clean that up and am very much hoping it wasn't a family heirloom or something.  All the animals seem content though, so that's always good.  And even though there probably is that little stress of wondering where the regular people are, it's still better to be in a familiar place than in a kennel with strangers.  And besides it's only a weekend, not a week, so there's no problems with it and my own home.

Hubby and I are taking the dogs to the Dog Plunge at the local pool this afternoon (hopefully I'll get some photos).  Other areas often do this at the end of the pool season, but this is first with our area.  It wasn't without much complaint though:  "City ordinance says no dogs (other than service animals) are permitted in the pool."  "I will never swim at that pool again if they allow this."  "Dogs carry germs and you can imagine what they'll do in a pool."  Etc....

This is the reaction you get when people don't read thoroughly...see the pool closed for the season, and after the dog plunge it will be completely drained and cleaned and then refilled for the next season.  And really now, you wonder what dogs will do in a pool?  What about little kids???  Or even adults for that matter!

Anyway it got approval and is happening today.  Proceeds will go to help fund the Dog Park they are hoping to develop - which will be nice too!

CC and I go to the movies almost every Thursday.  Being on the weight issue again with myself, I looked up where some Weight Watchers meetings were and was surprised to see one was located at the mall we go to the movies at!  I emailed it to CC to see if she'd like to do it with me, since we could go to the movies aftewards.  Her immediate response was "I'm not feeling it."  But the next day she called and decided she was for it (she's done it before very successfully).  Did I know exactly where in the mall it was?  I got back on the WW's site and that location was now gone!!  DARN!!  The minute we make an concrete decision, it's pulled out from under us!  Since we we're going to the movies anyway, we decided to try to find it and thought maybe there'd be a sign on the door telling us where they may have moved to.

In reality - the location is still there (website must of had a hiccup) and it's not just a meeting room - it's a Weight Watchers Center, which means it's open all week and has varying times for meetings and weigh-ins rather than the type that just meets in a commnuity room/church once a week (not that that's a bad thing).  The last meeting was over but the workers were still in there so we walked in and asked questions.  They were all extremely nice and helpful without the pressure sale.  The leader has lost 60 lbs but willingly admitted she had fallen off the wagon at one time and gained back (it's nice when you can relate).   CC went ahead and purchased the books and some of the snacks (I already have the books) and we're set to do WW & a movie next Thursday.

I know what you're all thinking - again Laura?  I tend to do much, much better in a group setting.  I did well when I did the Weigh Down Workshop with the church...but once the 12 weeks ended, so did my diet.  Same with Curves, I did their diet for the 6 weeks and then when the classes ended, so did I.  I need that accountability and it's doubly nice to have a buddy to see you through the tough times, which I'll have with CC.  And WW is start and finish dates, so it can be non-ending if I want it to be; or at least I can stay long enough to get the habit instilled into me.

So we'll see how things go!