Shure Pets Fridays At The Garden

I'm declaring Fridays SHURE PETS days here.  For those that haven't a clue what I'm talking about.  I've started a side business selling pet products via home parties, the web, festivals, etc...  (think Tupperware-only for pets).  Check my side bar for a link to view the entire catalog and to place orders you can simply go to my website.  Item in the catalog not appearing where you order?  Email me at the address on my website.

What I plan on doing is highlighting a product or two, that I think my pet loving readers would be interested in. 
For the Dog Lovers:

De-Shedding Products!!  I don't know about yours, but my dogs shed terribly.  Shure Pets has designed products to help with this issue.

Paramount De-Shedding ShampooSuperior, all natural shampoo that gently releases unwanted loose hair and undercoat while leaving an opulent shine by cleaning away unwanted dirts and oils.  Natural oat proteins, jojoba and aloe strengthen and moisturize the individual hair shafts giving your pet the healthiest coat condition possible.  Regular use reduces seasonal and non-seasonal shedding.   
12 oz. - $15.00

Paramount De-Shedding TreatmentUse the conditioner treatment on your pet as a finish to our de-shedding shampoo for the ultimate spa-like treatment resulting in a luxurious coat.  Regular use further reduces seasonal and non-seasonal shedding. 
12 oz. - $15.00

GroomerEZ-Groomer will remove your pet's undercoast eaiser than conventional brushes and grooming tools.  The small comb has 7 teeth and works best on cats and dogs with short to medium length coats.  The large comb has 5 large teeth and works best on dogs with long, dense coats.  Each brush measures 6" in length with a 3" wide head. 
Either size brush is $13.00

For the Cat Lovers:

I don't know about your cats...but mine really do get the hairballs.  Shure Pets Purr-fect Hairball Solution aids in the reduction of feline hairball concerns.  This product is designed from a state-of-the-art formula to eliminate hairballs and reduce the likelihood of future hairball formation. 
4 oz. - $25.00

Ahh, the fun task of the litter box.  The Litter Zipper is a problem solving device that makes cleaning your cat's litter box easier and more sanitary.  Waste is scooped and transferred directly into a collection tube with any bag of your choosing. 

Refillable Hemp  Mouse.  This fun hemp mouse can be filled again and again with fresh catnip for hours of endless fun.  Comes filled with fresh, organic catnip.

Host A Party and Earn Great Rewards.  If you live in the Waynesboro, PA / Hagerstown, MD and surrounding areas - contact me to schedule a pet party:

For contact information, please visit my website located in the side bar.

Thank you!