Just to Clarify....

I am not the type of person to put any animal down for behavior problems.  Unfortunately, Spunky's bad habit of going everywhere but a litter box isn't just on something washable - she's ruined the wooden back door and the hardwood floor in the upstairs.  We've tried Feliway, we've tried a special attractant litter...we've even tried the calming collar - absolutely nothing.  For the most part she's in one area of the house with her own special litter box - it never gets used.  You see the issue?  Which is why I think she's senile and an aging thing.  In her younger days she'd never do this.

Sebastian on the other hand, should be curable...or at least you would think so.  It's a skin issue.  One time I took him in and they gave him a Capstar pill (to kill fleas), put Frontline on him (which would start working within 24 hours at about the same time the Capstar wore off) and gave him a shot to relieve the itching.......nope, that didn't work.  Which is why I've always thought there has to be more to it then just fleas.  Plus the fact that I find it extremely odd that this use to happen to Spunky and the year it stopped happening to her; it began with Sebastian just out of the blue.  And the skin thing is out of the blue - it's not something I've been dealing with all summer; just within the past 3 weeks.  By the time it clears and he gets a full coat back...it will start again!  It's very odd and really isn't seasonal - just whenever.  And it doesn't seem to be contagious.  It's very very odd.

Right now, I'm trying to sneakingly put Advantage on Sebastian....he tends to lay on the computer desk when I'm here and I'm hoping to catch him off card.  He's not stupid though....the minute I came upstairs with the tube hidden in my pocket and hands free of anything, he's been suspicious!!!  Not a dumb cat.  It's always amazed me!!!


  1. Does Sebastian go outside? I'm wondering if maybe he has a mite problem maybe? Have they done a skin scrape on him?

  2. Oh hell, and you tried the cat attract litter. Leaving now!


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