Decisions, Decisions.....

So my "didn't go anywhere" vacation is now over and it was back to work today.  The ladies in the office did a very good job!!  Filing was caught up and all I had was a pile to make new folders for - HURRAY!!!

My ShurePets Kit was shipped out today and I can now start scheduling some parties!  Need to get some return on this investment.  But really, I am very excited of this opportunity and enjoy taking my love for animals a step further.  I also can't wait to shampoo Keyser & Toby with some of the products - they even sell a Creamsicle scented shampoo and spritzer for your dog - YUMMY!!  And Cooper & Joppa are going to love their toys!!!

Which brings us to Spunky & Sebastian.  We've been tossing around having Spunky put down.  She's 14 years old and she just does her business everywhere but a litter box.  We're told it's a behavior problem and all suggestions have failed.  Tough call, I know...but I'm beginning to think she's just old.  She won't go outside anymore, and she use to love to do that as well.  Actually I'm pretty sure she's senile as I'm her new best friend - and she's always hated me!  Then there's Sebastian - he's Spunky's son at 13 years old.  Sebastian has never been a friendly cat and he freaks out at the slightest sudden movement or noise.  He can love you one minute and attack you the next.  I, unfortunately, have been the recipient of this behavior way too often - most recently several weeks ago.  He was laying on my lap purring up a storm as I petted him, when all of a sudden he just attacked my face.  It left me bleeding and I now have a small scar on my nose (fortunately he missed my eye).  But the worst problem with Sebastian is his supposedly flea allergy.

Spunky use to lose all her hair except what was on her face during the summer months.  We were told flea allergy - nothing would help with this.  Then one year, it just stopped and for some reason it started with Sebastian.  Right now Sebastian is practically hairless and has sores & scabs from scratching.  If you open any drawer anywhere in the house Sebastian will freak out - as he knows in some drawer is flea medicine - but it doesn't matter as you can't pick him up - he freaks!  One time he needed to be pilled.  Two of us could not pry that cat's mouth open to get a pill in him.  He's very strong. 

So we're thinking.....Spunky, Sebastian or both? 

It's a hard decision as by putting them down, I think we're failing them...but at the same time I'm at a point where I hate my house smelling like cat urine and I know poor Sebastian has to be miserable - he looks it.

What do we do?


  1. I could not put down an animal for a behavior problem. I get it, I do. My two males have litter box issues and I hate the smell too. Thankfully, they tend to go on the kitchen floor, which is easy cleanup. I look at my cats much like my kids and my ten year old still wets the bed at night and I'm not going to get rid of him ;). Odaban is helpful with the odor or maybe keep him limited to a certain space with just his food and his box and see if you can reteach it. The other kitty, with the skin thing, I am surprised there is nothing they can do to bring him relief. Cortizone shot or something??


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