A Product Endorsement

During our almost 3 hour grocery shopping spree Friday evening, CC and I came across this little treasure:

The "light" version comes in at ONE weight watcher point and they are rather large!! They taste so much better than regular bread (especially the diet kind) and their website shows you dozens of recipes! Today I used it as a wrap along with deli thin ham and weight watchers swiss cheese with a little bit of mustard; but I'm thinking pizza real soon! Gotta check tomorrow to see if we still have the toaster oven at work. If you don't find them in your bread aisle, check near the deli - that's where we found ours.

So far the diet is okay. I'm not hungry at the moment but I have 7 points I can still use - amazing! And the little veggie scoops from the last post - YUMMY!!


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