The Sad Side Of Life

This week, while at CC's, Josh and his friend Sharon found a little kitten at Penn State Mont Alto campus.  She was down in the storm drain.  CC and I went over and sure enough there was this poor little kitten all curled up down there mewing.  With the help of the campus police, we were able to pull up the metal grate and fetch the kitty out.

Kitty was in poor shape, she couldn't stand and kept just plopping over.  We don't know how long she may of been there which meant dehydration and possibly heat stroke (because the humidity has been awful) - there was also the possibility of injuries from the fall and I also wondered if perhaps she's been hit by a car which in turn knocked her into the drain.

But we took her back home and opened tuna which seemed to perk her up!  She walked a little, purred and loved all the attention she was getting.  Sharon took her home and the next morning took her the vet.  The vet determined she had worms, medicated her for that and sent her back home with some food and formula.

I'd like to say this had a happy ending....but it doesn't.  The next night the kitty died.  This makes me very sad, because obviously the vet missed something!! 

Anyway.....I am really glad that the kitty didn't die all alone laying in the storm drain; at least she was in a home with much loving attention.



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