The Maryland Flag is Displayed Wrong on a Political Sign

I'm driving to work the other day when I noticed a HUGE campaign sign sitting in someone's yard.  What caught my eye first was that the Maryland Flag on the board was upside down.  No, I'm not kidding, there is actually someone running for Maryland State Delegate that apparently doesn't know how the flag is to be hung.  You would think someone working on that campaign would of caught it.  I wonder how many people don't notice that it is wrong.

As it turns out, I pass 2 of these signs on my way to work and the second one is at a stop light; so I can get a better look.  Nope, it's upside down all right.  Each day, for a week, I'd stop there and try to figure it out - was I missing something?  Maybe the flag is flying away from his name and thus, it would be correct - nope, that would only make sense if a flag pole were visible on that side and there's no flag pole on either side, so I guess it could be either...but really should you have to think that hard to make it right?

I've spent so much time obsessing over that flag, that I totally have been missing the rest of the sign.  So the other day at the stoplight, I went further.  The sign has a lot of "bling" to it - too much as a matter of fact, there's just too much going on.  The first line is "I Support" - Really?  Why else would it be in your yard?  It's pretty much a given that if the sign is in your front yard, that's the person you're supporting - so that line is unnecessary.  Each line of text is going in opposite directions - one line slants backwards, one slants forward, one is straight.....that sign just gives me a headache....and did I mention you can't miss it because it's HUGE and very, very colorful!  I'm sure they wanted it to stand out - but it's standing out for all the wrong reasons. 

I'll be interested in seeing how the election goes....