Photo of The Week

I feel as though I've really been neglecting my blog, so I thought it was time for a post.  I thought a "Photo of The Week" would help fill in the gap! 

Last week, hubby and I opted for an evening walk with "the boys" and when I came out the door, I was able to take this shot:

No posing was needed, that's how they all were when I walked out the door (glad I carry my camera almost everywhere).  It's just such a perfect shot and the dogs are posed so nicely!  Love It!!


I'm also very excited, because I found an old Duran Duran penpal from many years ago on FaceBook.  We were in our late teens, early twenties when we wrote each other and pledged to be friends forever (and we all know how that goes)...I can remember at some point we stopped writing and just tape recorded our voices instead and sent those back and forth (and we could talk much longer then we could write).  I also think we shared a few phone calls; but we lost track of each other and life went on.  I've thought about her many times over the years and always wanted to do a search but I couldn't remember her last name.  Last night I pulled out some old photo albums and there were her photos, when I turned one over she had just signed it T.J. - but the minute I saw the "J' - I remembered the last name!  A Facebook search showed LOTS of people with that name - so I took the old photo and started comparing it with faces.  I'm not kidding you that I had only hit the second or third page of names when a familiar face caught my eye!  I pulled it up, compared the photos - and knew it had to be her!  And sure enough, I received a message from her this morning stating that Yes, it's me!!

There are still 2 Bay City Roller penpals I'd love to find....and the Loverboy ones are easy cause we all just never truly went away - we're always very refindable!!


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