People sometimes amaze me.  Just for the record everyone, your computer is not going to last forever.  Those who don't use their computer a whole lot can get by without an upgrade very often; but those who use there's a lot have got to understand that sometimes upgrades aren't available, newer printers and such may not be compatible with an older system, and sometimes computers just die.

They just do people.  You aren't ever going to buy one computer and it's going to last you FOREVER.  New game won't play on your computer?  Read the specs on the game to see if your computer can handle it - no? Well then you can't play the game or you have to upgrade your system.  It's a fact of life - live with it.

No, I haven't been dealing with anyone in particular; but I often get a question about how someone's computer is acting up, or it won't do something and I ask for the specs (which no one ever knows) and then I ask how long have you had the computer and get the answer of 5+ years.  When I tell them a computer that old really isn't worth the upgrade that a new system would probably be cheaper, I get the "Well I paid $500+ for it, it should last longer."

No people, it doesn't.  The minute you walk out of the store with your new computer it becomes outdated and continues to.  Just like a car it's not something you're ever going to buy just one of.  Unless you're someone that very rarely uses a computer; I'd advise you should plan on a new one at some point.

It's the computer age!