And Then There Were None....


Gabby died today and an era ended.  I'm guinea pig-less for the first time in 38 years!!  Very  hard to believe - but it's actually true.

I've decided no more, but in his memory, I'd like to remember the guinea pigs of my past:


Chloe, Phoebe, Molly & Lucy

Tweek & B.J.

Tweek - he just loved his food dish!

Percy & Gordon


Mama & the surprise we came home to one evening (which is why she's called Mama, don't remember what I named her before this happened).

Yep, baby guinea pigs are born with eyes open and the ability to eat normal food, but they do nurse...
Verbal (b&w), Willow and Daisy.

Hamlet - he was being sold as snake food in a pet store, just couldn't let that happen!

Linus - he was a wedding gift from my co-workers and my very first hairless, and yes, he did have personality!

Melville - and yep, that was his name when we got him!

Chip - he had a bulls eye butt - lol!!


Will & Chip when we first got them - aren't they adorable???

Ed.  When he got older he went blind, but he would follow my voice when I fed them in the morning; always knew exactly where I was.

Chelsea and Jasmin.


There was also a Lily, I don't remember having any photos of her though.  There was also another hairless named Lex - he was all brown rather than the pink and again I don't remember any photos.  Duchess - somewhere there is a photo of her but I can't seem to find it.   And of course, my very first guinea pig - Starsky, again his photo is wherever Duchess' is; I had hoped to end with it, but I can't locate it.

The end of an era.....


  1. Really wonderful photos of guinea pigs...very cute.. keep posting more..Thanks for sharing

  2. Gabby died today and an era ended. I'm guinea pig-less for the first time in 38 years!! Very hard to believe - but it's actually true.

  3. Really good snaps cant find like something good like these over here.


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