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My last post indicated my favorite book series "The Clan of the Cave Bear."  I had mentioned that though originally to be a series of 6 books, I had given up on ever seeing a 6th one.  Well the internet provided some very good news - the 6th will be published NEXT YEAR and all books will be made available on the Kindle.  I'm so very excited about that!!!  FINALLY!!!  Hope they start releasing the others on Kindle soon as I'm going to have to re-read them to remember everything - lol!!!

Some of my online friends have disappeared off my friend listings at FaceBook and Twitter.  I find that very sad and certainly hope that I did nothing to offend.  Anyway, y’all are welcome to come back on my lists at any time and if you choose not to – good luck with all you continue to do in life!  And I *do* truly mean that! 


And for the little bit of Kevin Spacey…one of my NY photos:



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