The Water Is A Coming.....

Every once in a while things just happen at work that are frustrating and funny at the same time.  Take bottled water for instance.

In case you didn't know, our office has been running a person short since May 25th.  The person missing in action is responsible for the budget, paying bills, etc..  The rest of us?  We handle inmate related things.  Anyway, this person is out and the rest of us are just faking our way through her job (but doing quite nicely at it).  Fiscal year started over July 1st (bad time for the budget person to be out), this resulted in some contract changes, one being the bottled water for our water coolers.  Old ones were picked up, new ones were delivered....but there's lots of us, there's a heatwave going on and they just didn't deliver enough water!  We were without.  We called the company, they promised to come out...we never saw them because they went to the other division, decided they didn't need any and left.

We were now all in water hell.  Oh, my office still had half a bottle...but I'd of killed anyone that got anywhere near it - it was the only bottle left with any water!   Oh yeah, we know - there's this thing called a spigot that water comes out of all over the place...but c'mon now, we're spoiled - WE WANT OUR BOTTLED WATER!!

Another call to the company, different deliver guy - full closet full of water - THANK GOD - we were so parched (well technically *my* office wasn't).  Polt dropped and broke a full bottle and keeps blaming it on an inmate......(glad you can comment again Polt). 

Bottled Water = Happy Staff!


  1. I just want to make perfectly clear, even at this late date, that it was Andrew and NOT me who dropped the water bottle. That's why I"m calling him Aquaman now. :)

  2. I still can't believe you made me pose like this

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