The Thursday Thirteen

I've decided to try a regular feature here at the garden.  I've joined The Thursday Thirteen . Which basically means, I blog about 13 things of my choosing.  Since this is my first - I'm going to blog about 13 Movies I can watch over and over again and again.  If I'm flipping channels and come across them, I have to watch (even if I own the DVD):

1.    27 Dresses.  A cute little romantic comedy with one of those feel "saw it coming" endings.  Love it!

2.    Accepted.  A comedy about a guy who doesn't get into college much to his parents disappointment, so he

      develops a fake college that turns into a real one!

3.    Never Been Kissed.  Another romantic comedy.

4.    Sorority Girls.  I first came across this comedy because I'm a Michael Rosenbaum fan.  Three fraternity

       brothers are thrown out of the fraternity and dress as girls, join a sorority and hope to prove their innocence. 

       Very slapstick - hubby likes this one too.

5.    The Usual Suspects.  Yes, it's Kevin Spacey in his first Oscar winning role!  Who is Keyser Soze???

6.    The Devil Wears Prada.  Another comedy taking place in the fashion world.

7.    Night of the Living Dead.  The original one in black & white.  Still hide my eyes through most of it.

8.    The Brady Bunch Movie.  The very first one - and if you've never seen an episode of the original series,

       well the movie doesn't make much sense.

9.    Muriel's Wedding.  This is a comedy but shows the growing changes a young girl makes to her life.

10.  Mamma Mia.  Gotta love the music!

11.  Jesus Christ Superstar.  I can sing this entire movie - know it all by heart!

12.  Pride & Prejudice.  The A&E version.  Love Jane Austen.

13.  Robin Hood.  The Kevin Costner version - so romantic!

Not necessary my all time favorite movies - but definately worth watching everytime I come across them!


  1. I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

  2. Good choice. I have seen some of the above mentioned movies and have liked them too.


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