The Thursday Thirteen

It's Thursday and that means it's time for The Thursday Thirteen.

This week, I'm going to list 13 of my favorite actors.  Since it's quite obvious Kevin Spacey is my favorite...I'm going to list 13 others that I like:

1.    Sean Bean.  Oh yeah, his rugged good looks makes him a winner everytime.  Normally plays the bad guy in the movies; but so nice to look at.

2.    Michael Rosenbaum.  Became a fan through Smallville and have always enjoyed his tv interviews, seems like a fun guy.

3.    Johnny Depp.  CC and I make it a point to see all his movies.

4.    Arnold Vosloo.  What?  You have to look him up?  He's actually the mummy in the The Mummy movies with Brendon Fraser.  My sister Sharon and I could never understand why the herione preferred Brendon - cause we sure didn't.

5.    Gabriel Byrne.  Love the face, love the accent.  The reason I found Kevin Spacey.

6.    Stellan Skarsgard.  First noticed him in Mamma Mia.

7.    Alexander Skarsgard.  Yep, it's Stellan's son.  He's my vampire hottie in True Blood.

8.    Ed Norton.  What's not to like about Ed?  He's got those boy-ish good looks and always gives a stunning performance.

9.    Vin Diesel.  Though you don't hear too much about him anymore, he's still a sexy man!

10.    Sam Trammell.  Another hottie from True Blood, not a vampire though, he's a shape shifter.

11.    Morgan Freeman.  Can't go wrong here, the man just does not make bad movies.

12.    Robert Downey Jr.  Need I say more?

13.    Eric Dane.  So worth giving my Thursday nights to (Grey's Anatomy).