The Thursday Thirteen (with a little bit of Kevin Spacey thrown in)

I've decided to combine The Thursday Thirteen with Friday's little bit of Kevin Spacey.  Don't worry it's not going to be one of those - thirteen things I like about Kevin Spacey.  Instead, I'm going to give you thirteen of my favorite online Kevin Spacey sites!  You're excited right?  In no particular order:

1.  Driving Mr. Spacey  A fan site that is one of the first that pops up under any Kevin Spacey search.  The webmistress Liss and I have become very good friends.  She doesn't nearly get to keep it as updated as much as she'd like, but there's still lots of archive there.  It's also the home of the infamous KevieBear - his adventures are a nice, fun and creative read.  Yes, I know, there's fans that find KevieBear stupid & juvenile but I think y'all just need to lighten up; see him as fun - like it's suppose to be!  Oh and the chatroom is here too!

2.  Legacy Unleashed  A yahoo group with all the bells and whistles.  If you're a Kevin Spacey fan you know about Legacy.  No?  Well, get yourself over there!  There is more information here than any other place!  Plenty of articles to read; videos to watch; photos to see, fan messages to read.  It's there all in one place.  You also don't have to deal with the pettiness that occurs on most of the groups/boards.  The moderators just don't allow it.

3.  Kevin's FaceBook Page  Yep, he has a Facebook page and a Twitter one.  Though not updated regularly, he does post on occasion and sometimes answers questions.  On the downside, FB is often cluttered with fan postings, which are okay to some extent but can cause problems.  There's always a group that tends to attack other fans, which causes attack backs.  I'm sad to say I've involved myself in some of these; then a few weeks ago I decided not to as that's not what the page is there for and apparently we all seem to forget that.  I decided it's best to let Kevin's staff handle the moderating there.  I know my decision has caused a few fans to re-think their opinion of me even though it had nothing to do with "taking sides".  It was an opinion and decision that I made that I felt was best for me.  Though I'm sorry to lose those online connections, I respect their decision as I'm sure, like myself, they did what they felt was best for themselves.  Yes, hard to believe, sometimes things get that bad.     

4.  Everything Spacey  A fairly new fan site with a lot of information on it.

5.  Kevin Spacey at imdb  Ahhh yes, the internet movie data base that has a wealth of information on just about any celebrity, movie or tv show and then some more.  Kevin has a page where you can see a list of all his movies (great if you're a new fan and want to play catch up); look at photos or talk on a message board.  Again, another board that can get out of hand at times...but at times it can be fun.

6.  The Old Vic Theatre  Technically not a Kevin Spacey fan site...but Kevin is the artistic director here, so it's always worth a daily glance!

7.  Triggerstreet  Kevin's online company for aspiring screenwriters, film makers, etc..  Though again not a fan type site; it is part of him and thus a favorite of all Spacey fans.

8.  A Genius At Work and it's sister site A Genius At Work Photo Group are two other Yahoo groups.  Though they haven't been updated in a very long time there's some very good photos there.

9.  Unofficial Kevin Spacey Forum  Another fan forum which is pretty hit and miss with it's updated postings - it use to be much more active.  I normally pop in once a week.

10. YouTube  Go to YouTube and run a Kevin Spacey search - lots of videos show up!!  I visit quite often.

11. Tour de Spacey  A much older fan site that hasn't been updated in years and never will be; but it's always fun to find some older stuff!

12. Kevin Spacey Fan Site  A fan site from the Czeck Republic.

13. Kevin  A german fan site.

And that's my thirteen!!

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