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Okay, I was somewhat unprepared for the 13 this week but I received a tag at FaceBook for books and well that helped!  Here's 13 of my favorite books or series of books:

1.    The Clan of the Cave Bear (and sequels) by Jane Auel.

        The very first time someone handed me the first book, I thought they were nuts!  Really?  A story set in 

        prehistoric times, what a snorefest!  I was so wrong.  This is indeed my very favorite set of books.  

        Originally to be series of 6, only 5 have ever come out and it took FOREVER for the 5th one to come out.  

        The 6th supposedly is coming but I've stopped holding my breath for it; but still if you've never read these:  

        The Clan of the Cave Bear, The Valley of Horses, The Mammoth Hunters, The Plains of Passage,

        and The Shelters of Stone...GET THEM.  And the movie of the first book with Daryl Hannah does 

         NOT do the books justice - READ!

2.    The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.

        I read this book during hubby's first stay at Johns Hopkins.  It was very inspiring and a very easy read.

        Randy Pausch was dying of cancer when he gave his last lecture on achieving your childhood dreams.

        It's really worth the read and you can do it in a day.

3.    Forever Amber by Kathleen Winsor.

        Probably one of the original historial romances and considered pornagraphic in its hey day which it's 

        very far from.  Follow social climber Amber as she tries to impress her one true love by gaining a 

        "title".  The movie really does not do this book justice.  I can never understand why it's never been 

        remade into a mini-series. 

4.    The Left Behind Series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

        Christian fiction at it's best.  The rapture occurs and the concept is "What happens to those that 

        are left behind?"  The first 3 books have been made into low budget movies, don't bother with them.

        The books are much better and you don't even have to wait for the next one to come out - you can 

        read them one right after the other!

5.    Coffee, Tea or Me (all 4 books) by Trudy Baker & Rachel Jones.

        Supposedly the memoirs of two airline stewardesses in the 70's.  The books were really written by

        a man and are fiction but they are a fun read (and hard to find - especially the 2nd, 3rd and 4th one).

6.    Loves Tender Fury by Jennifer Wilde.

        I use to really be into historical romances, not anymore but along with Forever Amber, this is one

        I really love and Jennifer Wilde is actually a pen name, the real writer is a man!  There are one or 

        two more books in this series, but the first one is the only one worth reading.

7.    Flowers In The Attic Series by V.C. Andrews.

        Another first book made into a very flawed movie - don't even bother; but this series of book is worth

        the read and are the best V.C. Andrews series.

8.    The Stand by Stephen King.

        Yeah, I know it's an extremely thick book, but so worth the read and you won't even realize it's that

        thick.  This is one that I can say that the mini-series was just as good!

9.    The Servants of Twilight by Dean Koontz.

        I'm a really big Dean Koontz fan - I could recommend so many, but this particular one about a group

        of a religious zealots that believe a little boy is the anti-christ - is an edge of your seat thriller!  It also has

        been made into a movie - but not a very good one.

10.   Bye Bye Baby by Caroline Sullivan.

        You may have to of been a Bay City Roller fan to appreciate this one - it's the true memoirs of the author

        during the BCR heydays!  She was a superfan (or rather a groupie) and followed them EVERYWHERE!

11.   The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom.

        A very different book recounting the simple life of a man and a tragic accident that befalls him.  I wasn't

        impressed with the movie of this, but the book is a good, quick read.

12.   If Life's A Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing In The Pits by Erma Bombeck.  

        I've always loved Erma Bombeck and was a faithful reader of her newspaper column.  Her books 

        are funny stories of everyday life!  Read them all!

13.   Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen.

        I do love Jane Austen, but this story tops the list.  If you just can't read it, watch the A&E version mini-series 

        with Colin Firth - love it!  



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