It's Not About You

"It's Not About You."

That's how the book The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren opens.  I don't agree with Rick Warren's "political" opinions, but his books on how to live your life for God are very inspiring.  I've read this particular one over and over; but those opening words have stuck with me since the first reading.

When times get tough - It's not about  you.

When times get sad - It's not about you.

When times are happy - It's not about you.

It's all about God.

Everything you do here on this earth is preparing you for your life with God. 

The book is designed to be read one chapter a day for 40 days.  My first reading of this was an entire church effort and changed my life completely.  Since then, I've dropped that church (due to too much politics and too less God) but I re-read the book everytime I need some inspiration.

When you realize that the world isn't designed to spin around you and that in the end all that happened here won't matter and that God has a special purpose for you.....all the day-to-day grind and little irritating things don't hurt or matter as much. 

Because it's not about me or you; it's about God.