A True Blessing

I found this little thing called "status shuffle" at facebook, that has all these little quotes/sayings you can use.  If you've ever visited my facebook page, you'll know I'm quote happy - so this little gadget is fun!  I posted this one along side my name:

has some of the truest & best friends & family anyone ever imagined!

And it's actually true - I do!  My family is pretty much a given - we've always been very close and there for each other whenever needed.  I've truly been blessed with a wonderful family.

But I have with friends too.  Facebook has brought me back together with so many people I haven't seen in years!  And it's like, that time has never past.  Gwyn Collier left a short comment under that thread, and it really made me think of Gwyn's friendship.

It started over 30 years ago, back in the days when the internet didn't exist - we were penpals, she in Missouri and me in Maryland.  The band Rosetta Stone (a Bay City Roller spin-off band) brought us together - we then shared a Loverboy passion.  We then went on with our lives with occasional letters or cards here and there...time passed with no contact...the internet brought us back together.  Facebook keeps us very close.  Gwyn and I have never met, never talked on the phone - but we're life long friends, supporting each other through the good and the bad; laughing about our younger days.  It's a friendship I really cherish.

God has certainly blessed me when it comes to friends & family - I hope y'all have the same!