A Long Holiday Weekend

It's been a long weekend.

For me it started on Thursday, which was my 10 year anniversary.  We didn't do anything special mostly because we've been doing some house landscaping and such.  When we bought the house we got this:

Yep, the house was hidden by some huge bushes (which I hate) and no it wasn't due to over growth - that's how they were suppose to be.  It took awhile, but we got to this by last September:

We got rid of the bushes and the shutters that were on each side of the door (if you look real close you can see Toby sitting in the window).

This year we finally went a step further and decided to paint the window sills white and the shutters and door wine red.  We then took down the wrought iron railings and carpeted the stoop with red carpet:

The neighbors across the street we're like "WOW"!  LOL!

And the past few weeks we've done some landscaping on the alley side:

A close up:

I still want to add something in the area in front of the hanging basket.  And, of course, the bushes will grow out some the next few years and fill out a lot of space.  The red tub we found in the attic crawl space - it was sliver and we spray painted it to match the shutters.

Hubby said something about gnomes, I rolled my eyes, he laughed...but we did agree on a solar cat & dog:

We still have the other side to do but I'm so happy with just this much being done!  The guy across the street does landscaping and he says everything we do just improves the house's appearance (yeah, he really hated those bushes too).


Anyway, the weekend started on Thursday for me and it started with no hot water!  I checked the breaker and then called hubby who advised me on how to find the reset button on the water heater.  It wasn't popped out, so it didn't help.  He came home and after much checking we realized there was not enough of electricity coming into the breaker box to the water heater (it's wired separate).  This resulted in a call to the electric company which showed that the old wiring in the outside box was shot.  Naturally, this wasn't the electric companies responsibility even though the problem exists in a box they keep locked and we can't access.  Anyway, the next day an electrician came by and replaced the wiring; he's also suppose to give us an estimate on replacing the outside wiring and electric panels in the basement.


Saturday hubby and I headed to the Summer Jamboree in town.  First there's a parade (that we didn't go to) and then there's a festival with food stands, crafts, music and such.  We live up the hill behind the hospital and the festival is right across the street from the hospital.  So it's walking distance for us.  The walk is easy going down, can be rather challenging going up!  We chose to come down through the cemetery.  I live in a historic area (especially when it comes to the civil war) and we past some history on the way:

Then it's the festival (don't expect anything close up - this is all you're getting):

Later that night we sat in the cemetery and watched the fireworks.  Yes, you heard that right - the cemetery - lol!  Keyser went with us, Toby stayed home and hid under the bed.  You may be asking why everything was done on Saturday instead of on Sunday which was actually the 4th.  Well, there's some town ordinance that doesn't allow parades on Sundays.  I can't explain it either, it's small town America!


On Sunday, CC, Josh and I headed to Caldonia State Park to the pool:

It was hot.  The pool water was very cold.  The one female lifeguard was whistle happy.  Snack bar food was good.  It was a nice relaxing day.  There are no photos of CC and I in bathing suits for obvious reasons...however, after being there and seeing some of the sights...well, we felt much better with our appearances.  But you're still not getting any pictures (we didn't even take any).  Afterwards, Josh went to work and CC had a cookout of steak, shrimp, mac & cheese, mushrooms & onions - YUMMY!  She and I then watched a very badly acted remake of the classic "Night of the Living Dead".  This one was done in 2006 or 2007 and was shot in 3D.  Naturally it wasn't 3D to us.  It gave homage to the original with some changes in the story.  The acting was extremely bad...and well, it's just bad.  We laughed.  Hubby spent the day on the couch.


Today, hubby's at work and I'm on my "official government holiday".  It's my day to lounge, though I did do some grocery shopping and bought the dogs and I hotdogs for lunch.  It's very hot and humid today.

Hope everyone else's weekend was fun and eventful.


  1. Love the plantings and the house looks great. The cat and dog are adorable. You said solar. Do they light up at night?

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