With A Little Bit Of Kevin Spacey Thrown In.....

My blog's tagline includes Kevin Spacey...this blog has been lacking "spacey-ness" lately.

Kevin started twittering over a year ago (and YES, it really *is* him - has said so on tv interviews) which led to a Facebook page as well.  The page was originally started by a fan, but Kevin's "people" took it over..though there were promises of getting it cleaned up - it never really materialized.  Kevin's posts normally come in via twitter and when he does post it's normally publicity type things.  He has answered a few questions, but that hasn't happened in quite sometime.

Unfortunately it's become a playground with several "fans" thinking they are the monitors of it.  They talk about things that have nothing to do with Kevin and if you say something, they bash you stating it's a public board. They have called people delusional and stalkers....basically if you're not the same type of "fan" that they are, well then you're sick and have nothing better to do with your time.  They however can post whatever they please which includes spoiling the endings of some of his movies for those that haven't seen it.  It's just a bickering mess!!

I think the board should be closed from public comments.  It should only contain information Kevin posts there and maybe he could allow commenting after that (as long as it didn't get out of hand).  It would be a more worthwhile board. 

I also am wondering what Kevin thinks, if and when, he ever looks down that page and sees all the bickering and name calling. 

Are we in high school again????  Didn't I do a post similar to this a year or so ago of how I felt like I was in high school when I had fallen from the "trusted" fan group over some videos???  Hmmmmmm.......