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First off, my comments are not turned off.  Polt said he isn’t able to leave comments…I don’t know what the issue is but the settings are correct; it must be a godaddy glitch.  Hopefully it will work its way out.


Next – Joppa *did* return.  Later that evening, before it got too dark, I decided to go for one last search.  When I got outside, I heard the “jingle, jingle” of Cooper’s collar and said “C’mon Coop, let’s take a walk down the alley.” As I turned towards him, who is running behind him?  JOPPA!  So Cooper was the rescuer.  The next day they were both out ALL NIGHT.  But Cooper came in the next morning with Joppa right behind him.  We’re trying to take baby steps with it though.  I don’t know how well he’d be if Cooper wasn’t out with him.  But each time he seems to come from the neighbor’s house.  She feeds a stray cat on her back porch, so I’m wondering if he’s up there begging for food?  As skinny and small that he is, she probably thinks he’s starving.  We bought him a collar and there’s a microchip clinic coming up in July.


Has anyone tried Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Litter?  Spunky is my oldest cat and she uses the rug at the kitchen door as her litter box…even if the rug is not there she’ll go straight on the floor.  I had her to the Vet and they claim it’s a behavior issue and told us to get Feliway – that was an expensive “didn’t do a damn thing”.  She hangs in my computer room and comes down the stairs to go to the kitchen to do her business when she has her very own personal litter box in the upstairs!!  She’s ruined the back door and I don’t want the other cats picking up the habit, because although I can clean and scrub, they may still be able to smell it!  The Dr. Elsey’s litter is only available at Petsmart and it runs about $13.00 a bag.  I’m thinking I’ll have to do all the boxes with it or else everyone will be going upstairs.  Suggestions anyone? 


  1. A vet I used to work with who moved away is still my facebook friend. I have trouble with both of my males with where they piss and one of the things she suggested was the litter you mentioned. She used it with one of her cats as she was having an issue and said it helped.


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