Nice Weekend

This weekend I had my first experience with Indian Cuisine.  Kim invited me to dinner with some of her friends (who are fast becoming my friends as well) and we went to the Bombay Peacock in Hagerstown, which just opened.  I was a little leary at first, I'm a very pickey eater and am normally a meat & potato American kind of food gal, but I decided to give it a go, and am so glad I did.

Kim's hubby Chris (he's from England and I love to hear him talk - the accent is great) was very informative with the menu.  I couldn't really pronounce alot that was on it though.  Chris, however, was well versed and started us with onion bhajia (indian onion pakora) which were much better than a blooming onion at The Outback.  He also decided on a variety basket of Naan which provided several different flavors (naan is flatbread) and for dinner, I rather played it safe and had Sizzling Tandoor Shrimp - quite spicey, but very good.  I now really want to go back and try some more things.  So with age, I'm expanding my taste buds.  And in case you're wondering, I had the menu in front of me while writing this - I'd of never remembered the names of the items - lol!

Today we took the dogs to Furry Fun Days Doggie Carnival in Shippensburg.  Unfortunately the weather wasn't very accomodating - light rain, cloudy, windy and it one point there was a tornado watch in effect, however that seemed to be below Shippensburg, but it put some of the vendors in a panic and they quickly packed we weren't able to buy the oodles of doggie treats we planned on buying.

But it was fun anyway - we do like to find things that we can do with the dogs.

Next weekend will be a busy one - we're going to do some outside work around the house - including painting window sills, painting shutters, fixing screens and maybe some landscaping.  I want to get those washtubs out of the crawl space we came across when fixing the upstairs lights.  I want to spray paint them and use them as planters.  So maybe I'll have some before and after photos for the blog next week.