Need Some Motivation

I just cannot get motivated.  Remember I started with Atkins and then switched to Weight Watchers - well I've done nothing, absolutely nothing.  So that 10 lbs. I lost, all came back.

I just like food.  One of the things I've noticed is that I really like to snack.  I noticed that today when I got home...I immediately had microwave popcorn and then some pretzels.  Not bad snacks, but not overly healthy either.  I realized I'll never suceed without I just need to find some healthy things to have around.
  So what do you suggest?  I'm thinking carrots & celery with a dip which is pretty much a given; and of course, there's fruit.  But I really need snacks that taste like, well snacks!

My other issue is exercise.  I've absolutely zero motivation in that area.  I like to walk, but the humidity has been terrible.  I could probably do mornings, but I haven't been sleeping well and I'm too dead tired in the mornings.  I know, one excuse after another.  HELP!!!


  1. How about slices of apple topped with a bit of Laughing Cow light cheese spread?

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