Joppa's Journey

Joppa's been journeying the neighborhood......

It started Sunday evening around 7:00 p.m.  My sister-in-law called to see if we could come move an air conditioner from one of the bedrooms to the living room.  Joppa ran out the door when we left, crossed the street and positioned himself on the neighbor's front stoop.  We didn't see him again that evening...but that's happened before.

Didn't see him the next morning either.  But once at work, hubby called me to say that one of the neighbors down around the corner had found him sleeping on their front porch, she called the number on his rabies tag and the Vet called to say he was in the neighborhood.  Hubby called her, she said she had given him water and while she was watering her garden, he was rubbing around her feet; she finally looked at him and said "Why don't you climb that tree?"  In which, HE DID!!  But Joppa wasn't around when we got home nor any of the evening - he now WAS officially missing.

No Joppa this morning either...but again, once at work, hubby calls to advise that several neighbors had called the Vet last night leaving messages and he IS in the neighborhood.  As a matter of fact, he's lying on laps, purring and just enjoying all the attention he's getting.  His next call informed me that someone in the low income housing development up the hill had him and they would have him INSIDE until someone picked him up.

This disturbed me a little.  I mean, we live right down the hill - it's an easy walk and Joppa knows where he lives.  None-the-less I went home at lunch to get him - no one was home.  I called hubby and he gave me a phone number.  I called, she said she'd be home in 15 minutes and that Joppa was in the car with her!!  Yeah, seemed strange to me too!

Anyway, they dropped him off right a the house.  It was a young girl with her mother and daughter.  Very, very nice people - they loved him to death!!!  I assured them that he would come visit since they fed him.  We chatted, then I took Joppa inside - he immediately wanted back out!!  He's going to stay in for a few days....