Joppa, Cinemas, and Curb Appeal

Sometime this morning, while hubby had the outside basement door open, Joppa must of gotten out.  We've been unable to find him........ (my house must be cursed when it comes to cats, huh?).  Oh we're not giving up, but it doesn't look good right now.

The movie cinemas on Leitersburg Pike finally reopened.  CC and I have been waiting on this FOREVER, as we've always liked these theatres.  Under new management and having gone through months of much needed renovations, they finally opened this weekend.  There selling point since day one was that you don't have to take out a loan for the movies.  Ummm...yeah, right!  Obviously oblivious to the movie theatre business.  Because a church is involved in this, they won't show "R" rated movies, so that may make or brake them, but none-the-less they opened. 

The movies and times were posted on their Facebook page, most of the movies we have seen or were kiddie, but we decided on "Robin Hood" starting at 7:20 p.m.  We arrived at 7:15 p.m. to discover that the movie time had changed to 7:00 - well in Laura's book that's STRIKE ONE!  Now we had to decide on another - most had all ready started leaving us with few choices we decided on "Killers"; well this particular movie was showing in the VIP theatre which meant the cost would be $12.00 a ticket instead of the regular $8.00 price.  Well Laura is not paying $12.00 to see a movie she really doesn't want to see.  In case you're wondering, the VIP theatres have leather reclining seats.  So that's STRIKE TWO!  We settled on "Prince of Persia" which we didn't want to see, but that was the only option.

Now we go to concession...we get the normal - a large popcorn ($6.00) and two medium drinks ($4.00 each)...they don't sell Juju Fruits or Everlasting Gobstoppers, so in Laura's book that's STRIKE THREE!  (three strikes and your out and we're not in the theatre yet).  Then they hand us the large's what all other theatres in the area consider a small, so well gee....I'm out of STRIKES!  Can I use a STRIKE FOUR?

The movie was alright but certainly not worth $8.00 so wait until it's on HBO or something (not even worthy of a rental).  The theatre had been cleaned and we realized the seats hadn't been replaced in the renovation in this particular theatre because there were no cup holders.  The bathrooms however are a huge improvement - thumbs up on that!

So back to the "not needing to take out a loan" for the movies.  Their admissions are no cheaper than any other theatre and since the popcorn sizes are not comparable to other theatres, there's no money saving there.  I had high hopes, but they failed miserably.  I realize it's only the very first weekend, but if I don't see some improvement soon....I'll have to continue elsewhere.

While voicing some of my concerns on the Facebook page (nicely of course), someone was raving about the VIP seats...I expressed my concern that $12.00 was too much and I really didn't need a recliner.  Their response?  It's so worth the extra $2.00.   Hmmmm.....I don't know, but when I took math in school $12.00 - $8.00 was $4.00 not $2.00.....but perhaps I'm wrong!  LOL!!

This weekend Hubby and I worked on some curb appeal with the house.  We took down the shutters, which were black, and spray painted them "wine red".    We have one more set to do - they are on the top floor on the one side and the ladder won't reach (it's kind of a hill on that side) and hubby will have to go on the roof to unscrew them...we thought we'd do that an evening this week. 

The window sills were black and I painted them white.  We took down the wrought iron hand rails on the front stoop and carpeted it with red carpet.  Hubby painted the front door red. 

It was ALOT of work.  We're hoping to get some landscaping done now.  The only issue we ran into was on the alley side of the house with shutters....on the backside of them were many, many wasps nests - they were VERY unhappy...hubby had to go buy wasp spray to handle it.  Other than that though, things are looking good and the neighbors across the street said it was much improvement!!  YEAH!!

And tonight?  The new season of "True Blood" starts - so very  happy!!


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