I Was Attacked

Oh don't go into a panic - not attacked by a person on the street or something...by one of the cats.

Many years ago, while watching TV one night with Sebastian lying on the back of the couch behind my head, I made a sudden movement and Sebastian freaked grabbing my head. My ear bled horribly and it hurt like hell.

Then another time Sebastian & Mickey were running through the house chasing each other, I was sitting on the couch. Sebastian stopped next to me on the couch, gave me a look and pounced on me! Fortunately I had reacted fast enough to cover my face; he left scratches on my chest (that I still have scars from) and a bruise on my arm that was his paw print (no kidding).

Last night, I'm lying on the loveseat and Sebastian comes in wanting some loving. He hops up and lays down on my stomach, I'm petting him, he's purring up a storm....there was no sudden movements or anything but all of a sudden he just pounced my face!! I screamed, he ran and hubby who was asleep on the sofa nearly fell off of it. I cried as blood was running down my face - hubby questioned what I had done to the cat?????? (yeah really???). It's left me with a scratch on my nose (which is the worse and not hideable by make-up) and several puncture type marks around my eye. FORTUNATELY he missed my eye all together.

Not happy today, need to make a decision on Sebastian.