I had a bad Applebee’s experience…..


Tuesday I went with CC to her son’s graduation.  Graduation went well with no issues.  Afterwards our graduate wanted to go to Café Del Sol for dessert.  Unfortunately they were closed.


So we headed to the only place we could think of that would still be open – Applebee’s.


They seated the 7 of us immediately.  The waitress came and took our drink orders and brought us our drinks, we then ordered.


Ann, Cory and Ron opted for a dessert.  CC and I opted for the appetizer sampler, Sharon opted for the new potato chip appetizer and Josh opted for both appetizer and dessert.  It was approximately 9:15 p.m.


About 20 minutes later the waitress appears with the desserts, says the rest is coming, but she wanted to get the dessert out so they didn’t melt.  They were already melting.


Appetizers never came….we wait & wait; the waitress apologizes and says a manager will be over.


Approximately 10:00 p.m. here come the appetizers.  Josh has to leave and his appetizer was made wrong – kitchen has to redo it, he has to take it to go.  They are out of Sharon’s appetizer, but didn’t bother to mention it until they are delivering everyone else’s – she decides not to get anything else.


CC and I begin to eat our appetizer’s; but do to the lateness Ron decides we need “to go” boxes and our bills.  We pay and pack up.  But during the process we ask the waitress when the manager is coming over.  She states that it was the manager that delivered the appetizers.  Hmmmmmm…….  Never tells us she’s the manager, does not offer any apologizes or compensations.  Very poor manager.


The next day while checking my account on line, I see that Applebee’s charged my debit card more than once.  Technically the one charge is in a pending mode, so I think that they caught it and cancelled it out and it’s just in limbo, but I’m watching it; however, that was the final straw.  I got online and fired off an email to the main Applebee’s main office.


They called the next day, took all the details, apologized, agreed with me and are shipping me out a gift card at the amount my appetizer was.  I will certainly not be using THAT at my local Applebee’s.


I’ll eat McDonald’s before I eat at Waynesboro, PA Applebee’s again.