This Is A First

CC and I went to the movies this evening.  First CC cooked us a delicious meal of stir fry, fried apples and homemade biscuits, then we headed to see the remake "A Nightmare On Elm Street".

We were probably the oldest in the theatre and since it was a theatre full of teenagers, it meant cell phone hell.  No one's phone rang, they were smart enough to turn off the ringers; but several were texting and one behind us at some point was actually talking on their's.  Dark theatre and lighted cell phone screens just aren't a good match.

To make matters worse, towards the end of the movie I feel rather wet.  I then felt it again and wondered who behind me I was going to remove from their seat if it happened again.  And well, it did - no mist this time, it was harder.  I then realized CC was looking at her arms and she asked the obvious "Are you getting wet?"  I answered with the affirmative.  Then I notice the 2 kids in front of us start looking around, I asked if they were getting wet - yes they were.  As a matter of fact, it was more than some sprinkles at this point and we realized the ceiling was leaking.  We had to get up and move.

After the movie ended, I went to the lobby and had this conversation with the manager:

Me:  Excuse me, but it's raining in the theatre.

Manager:  Really?  Which one?

Me: (pointing) That one.

Manager:  That's odd, it never rains in that theatre.

****NOTE:  So is he telling me it's normal for it to rain in the other theatres????  So should I check the weather before going to those theatre from here on out cause apparently they all leak now.***

I walk him in the theatre to show him where we were sitting, which was quite obvious from the wet floor.  He apologizes and thanks me.  No free passes.

Had it been raining in the movie, that would of been some great special effect!!

As for the movie.....well, rent the original!!