Grey's Anatomy Season Finale (spoiler alert)

I watch very little network TV, but I do like Grey’s Anatomy.  This past week was the season finale and I must say it was quite enjoyable.  I also want to give two thumbs up for not having a season ending cliff hanger – it’s so retro TV!!!


This season brought a hospital merger, which meant some new characters.  Since everyone was competing for their job it set you up to really hate the new comers because you were so attached to the regulars.  However, that’s all it did – it never really developed those new characters nor took that particular storyline anywhere…most of them fell into the background.


Comes the season finale…there’s a shooter in the hospital.  First person shot and killed is newcomer Reed.  She reminded me of a female Alex (a regular) but again, since her character was never developed, her death was more unexpected than anything you truly cared about.


But the best scenes in the whole finale were between a patient (played by Mandy Moore), Bailey (female regular) and Percy (male newcomer).  Percy ended up getting shot and it was up to Bailey and Mandy to try to help him.  Percy asked if he was dying; Bailey assured him he was not; he told her not too lie; she told him she wasn’t and she would let him know if he were.  Eventually his wound was bad enough that she felt they needed to get to the OR.  The two couldn’t lift him so they pulled him along on a bed sheet to the elevators only to discover that elevators had been turned off (remember there’s a shooter).   This put Bailey in pure meltdown mode (not something that normally happens to her)….but once she calmed down, she set on the floor next to Percy put his head in her lap and told him he was dying.  This went into a death scene where Percy told her to tell Reed he always had a crush on her (neither were aware she was already dead).  I bawled my eyes out!  Though Percy’s character was never developed…you couldn’t help but cry.


And yeah, there was Derek dying and needing emergency surgery, Meredith’s miscarriage, etc…  All kinds of stuff happening to the regulars; but Dr. Charles Percy’s death and Bailey’s meltdown were the highlights of the show.