A Comcasting We Will Go....

If you remember, I had an issue receiving DTA's from Comcast Cable.  UPS claimed they left them on my non-existent front porch and then I was given a run around between Comcast & UPS.  Finally I got someone at Comcast who was to ship me 2 more out and report the others in the land of the missing.

Only they didn't do that.  I gave them about a week and no DTA's showed up.  So I contacted them again for the status via the online chat.  That way I could print out the conversation and have the person's name.  The first rep was a female who was more than happy to help.  She checked the status and promptly gave me the UPS tracking number.  Only it was the tracking number for the missing ones.  She sent me higher up.  This time I get a male rep who is more than happy to help.  I go through the entire story a second time (good thing I'm a fast typer).  He apologizes and asks when I reported the missing ones.  I did know that date.  He apologizes and says that whomever I spoke to never marked my account of anything and never ordered another shipment.  He promptly does so, gives me a confirmation number and 2 days later my DTA's arrive.

I hook one up to the tv in the bedroom and the other to the computer (to use via Windows Media Center).  I then get online to do the activation.  For some reason it didn't like my account number.  So I get on the phone to activate via the automated phone system.  The first thing the auto-lady(AL) asks is, if my last for digits of my phone number are 1234 (that's not really the numbers it gave me, but I don't remember them), I immediately says "No".  AL then asks for my phone number, I give it to her.  Too make a long story short we got through this very long process and nothing happens.  I decide to go try the one in the bedroom.  I again call the AL, she again asks if the last 4 digits of my phone number is 1234, I again reply "No" and she asks for my phone number, etc..

After 20 minutes, AL decides I need a live person, so she connects me.  A very polite lady comes on.  She has an accent but is understandable.  She needs to verify the account.  We do; she sends the signal and like magic the DTA works!!!  Hurray!!  I just wasn't in the mood to try the other one as it was late.

The next day I again try to get the DTA at the computer hooked up.  Again I am asked if the last 4-digits of my phone number is 1234 and again I say "No".  AL again must connect me to a live person.  Another nice lady, but it still doesn't work; she advises it could take up to 45 minutes and just call back if nothing happens.  Nothing happens; it's late, I decide to deal with it tomorrow.

So today, when I got home I decided to switch the DTA's.  I hook the working one to the computer and it continues to work and take the non-working one to the bedroom.  Hook it up and call my favorite AL.  She asks me if the last 4-digits of my telephone number is **** and I answer "Yes" (cause this time they were actually right).  We go through the normal 20 minute auto system with no activation so she connects me to a live person, who just happens to be the nice lady with the accent.

Now this is where this whole scenerio takes a very interesting turn (y'all won't see this coming)...She starts to verify the account and asks if the name on the account is "John Doe"(obviously using a fake name here).  I say it is not; she asks for my phone number and then has the correct account and gets the DTA activated.

What was interesting?  The name she had given me that was incorrect; happens to be the name of the person that lives IN MY OLD HOUSE!!!  (you know the one where my cat Mickey keeps going back to).  I have no doubt that the last 4 digits of their phone number is 1234. 

Though my bill is always correct, somehow I think there's a mix-up somewhere!!


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