What A Mess....

Our cable provider is Comcast.  I've never really had any issues with Comcast, though I know a lot of people do.  Recently Comcast has been upgrading their digital system and we recently got letters that our area is due for an upgrade.  This means that in order to get all the channels, you're required to have a converter box on your tv sets.

My main tv has a DVR box.  It's get all the channels I subscribe too, plus has On Demand (which I love).  My other 2 sets just get the basics (2-74) as they don't have boxes on them.  They now must have boxes on them for the upgrade, which is fine, especially since Comcast is providing up to 3 per household for free.

I ordered my boxes, they were shipped out on the 17th.  I happened to think about them today and thought I should have had them by now.  I put the tracking information into the UPS site.  Yes, indeed I should have the by now, they were delivered on the 19th and left on my front porch.

Hmmmmm......I don't have a front porch.  I have a front step and I hadn't noticed any boxes sitting there.  I double checked - nope, not there.  I checked in between the doors - nope, not there.  Interesting....

I'm not doubting UPS delivered them, but somehow leaving them out in the open in plain site obviously isn't wise and is against their policy.  I called Comcast to explain the problem.  The girl indicates that my convertors had been delivered on the 19th.  I explain again.  She informs me that I must call UPS.

I call UPS and explain.  The tell me the convertors had been delivered on the 19th (are you seeing a pattern here?).  I explain again.  They are apologetic, but it's a Comcast problem.

I call Comcast back and once again explain the problem.  She's apologetic but tells me the minute she puts this in the system, she know it's going to tell me to call UPS.  It does, she transfers me to someone higher up.

This person decided to call UPS and then get back with me.  She calls back and tells me that UPS says they delivered the package on the 19th Bang Head Against Wall.  She says she'll ship out two more; I give her my work address to ship them too.  This way we have a signature if there is a problem; but mostly because I trust the UPS guy that delivers there.  I just know at some point that missing package is going to appear on my front step.

What really upsets me is the insistence of UPS that they delivered the package.  They were missing the whole point - the package may have been delivered, but I didn't get it - it's gone!!  Their fault as packages are not to be left in areas in full view per their own policy.  This possibly cannot be the first time they've ever had this happened.