This Morning....

This morning Keyser and I headed to the Petco in Hagerstown for a vaccine clinic.  His rabies was good but he needed everything else.  Keyser didn't act very well and he really was very bad behaved with the Vet.  But while in the van, this conversation occurred:

Vet:            Who do we have here, Keezer.

Me:            It's pronounced Kizer.

Tech:        I've heard that name before, can't place it though.

Me:            He's named after a character in a movie.

Tech:        That's it - remind me.

Me:            Keyser Sozee - The Usual Suspects.

Tech:        Yes, that's a fantastic movie.  Kevin Spacey - he is so good in that!

Me:            I know, I just love Kevin Spacey.

The man is always good for topic conversation!!