After Much Consideration.....

My new cell phone is getting used ALOT!!  I'm going through a whole mess of minutes.  In the 3 weeks I've had this phone, I've used more minutes than I've used in 6 months with my old phone.

So I began to's going to cost me minute wise and I am missing not being able to access FaceBook.  But why wasn't I using the old phone on the unlimited plan as much???  Well, it was the phone.  I've decided to ditch Net10 and go back to Sprint (hubby never changed the plan anyway) and get a phone comparable to the Net10 one; which involves a slide out qwerty keyboard (rather than a touch screen one).  I just hated that touchscreen phone.  It would call people from my purse, but if I was trying to actually use it, I had to practically beat the screen to death.  So as soon as the new phone arrives, I'll be back to my old phone number (everyone that needs it will get ANOTHER text/email with it).

I've really failed diet wise this week; but I am getting back on track.

Trying to get caught up at work as well - really need to find the top of my desk!!!