Sunday, for lack of a better title...

This morning I got up and made this:


And yes, that is the actual one *I* made and not a photo from the internet - lol!!  It's a low carb dish from Linda's Low Carb Menu & Recipes .  This was the Bacon & Swiss Quiche, though I used cheddar cheese instead of swiss cheese because that's what I had in the refrigerator.  It was actually very good and since it's freezable, I froze the left overs (which was most of it) into single servings and decided that's breakfast for the week!!  Linda's site is just full of recipes and I've made a few others.  Her site is a MUST for anyone trying to live low carb.

And today was the official weigh-in for me.......and I've now lost 10 pounds!!!  <insert happy dance>  I was very excited because I hadn't stuck totally to the diet this past week, but I ate within reason..and it paid off with another pound.  Granted had I stuck to it, it may have been more of a loss, but I'll take what I can!!

What did I do wrong???  Well there was popcorn at the movies (though I didn't have any jujy fruits, gobstoppers and/or snowcaps); PEAS, and last night hubby and I ordered pizza.  We went with thin crust and I got wings as well (since I'd eat less pizza that way).  There was also the mini donut at work one day.  But other than that, things have been good.

I've also discovered that the little pretzels come in at 1 carb a piece....and I've found wheat crackers coming in at 1 carb a piece.  It's nice to have one or two of those with some cheese for a snack.  Pork rinds just won't do it - yep, that's the chosen crunchy snack for Atkins....and nope it's not happening at my house!!!

This week I'm adding my Dannon Light N'Fit Yogurt back in and we'll see how it goes.  Though it actually has a high carb content, it's the only yogurt I really like and makes a quick snack!!  They've fired the kitchen manager at work (hurray!) and the district manager has been running things, so the salad bar has been up to par, which is great since I don't have to pay for it and don't have to buy my own!!  I also added almonds and walnuts in last week and that seemed to work well, so I'm buying more of those (I found little packs in the dollar store that have 2 servings in them). 

Toby and I attended a Luv My Pet clinic yesterday at Petco.  What a nightmare!!  From past experience, I know you have to arrive early - which we did.  Everything went fine as far as sign up and despite being second in line, it took FOREVER because the Vet was late getting there.  This put the Petco store manager in a crappy mood and she talked terrible to the techs that were there in front of all of us (which in my book are "potential customers").  Everything is numbered, so you can't get out of line...the store wasn't busy at all (it never is), so I don't know what her problem was!!  Once the Vet got there though, things moved fast and I opted to buy Toby a treat at Petsmart rather than Petco.  I swear Ms. Manager must be related to my Pink Bunny neighbor.  And no, I haven't been by that house again....for now I've decided to walk the opposite direction (which is more uphill and therefore better exercise).  I'm trying to come up with a good Christian come back that'll make him fill like crap ( I can come up with many that have very unchristian like language...).  Course, this man's daughter is a receptionist at hubby's doctor's office - he said he's telling her next time!


  1. Congrats on the weight loss! That is awesome! Keep it going and don't worry about not being perfect. If you don't give into a craving from time to time it will lead to a binge which is much worse! I think you are doing great!


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