Last Night I Ate Peas......

Yeah, yeah, yeah.....don't judge me - lol!!! I actually ate peas!!

Peas aren't on the Atkins diet due to their sugar & carb content. Reading through the book, I've discovered peas don't exist in ANY of the phases...sigh.

As you know I've been struggling with the veggies in the Atkins diet. Though I can start adding some things back in this week...there's still the veggie issue and I knew if I continued the way things are, that I'd never stick to a diet. So yesterday I went out and bought some veggies I DO like. I'm still avoiding potatoes and with the peas, though the can indicated 1/2 cup is a serving size, I only ate 1/4 cup...but it really made a difference in my attitude.

Hubby being so supportive questioned whether or not I was going off my diet. I stated "No, but I really need to eat veggies I like. Certainly peas are a lot better and healthier than a bag of potato chips." He agreed.

He actually has been very supportive, we walk every night and I have this goal to be able to walk up that steep hill by the hospital. It's a real killer!! Right now part of the walk involves a hill that's not quite as steep but still challenging. I can at least get up it without stopping for a rest, but it is still tiring. Baby steps.....

I've started a diet blog over at blogspot:  Size Ten In A Year .  If you read here, you don't really need to go there as all the "diet" posts from here are copied over to there (other than the first few).  But if you're only interested in my diet postings...that's the place to be!!  I felt that was a way to connect with others in the same boat and maybe one day it will help someone else going through all the commotion and turmoil I am. 

I've realized this blog has really lacked Kevin Spacey in it lately, so I'm working on a post about him!!