I Don't Know Whether To Be Angry, Upset Or What Here.....

My neighborhood has a good many dog owners that walk their dogs.  After living here almost 2-1/2 years we've discovered that the majority of them don't clean up after their dogs.  It's bad enough when they leave it on someone's property...it's twice as bad if they leave it on the sidewalk for someone to walk in.

Hubby and I are rather obsessive about this.  We walk our dogs a lot and we would NEVER leave their "business" behind.  If we happen to be a bag short...we'll drive back to get it.  It's not unusual for us to walk our dogs, clean up after them only to get back to our house and see one or two piles of some other dog's "business" in our front yard.  It irritates us, it irritates everyone and I imagine it's doubling irritating to the non-dog owners. 

Tonight hubby and I went on our evening exercise walk and the dogs come along.  We walk down the hill, across the street, and up the next hill.  This becomes a big circle, we're halfway up and around this portion of the neighborhood, when Toby decides he needs to do his "business".  I had seen this coming almost from the time we left the house, so I had my little "poopy bag" ready.  He squats in the yard we're in front of - not way up in the yard - but next to the road (there's no sidewalk in this area).

Directly across the street is a house that is always in decoration of whatever holiday happens to be coming up - they decorate almost every inch of their yard; it's a house you would never forget.  Anyway, from the "large pink bunny in the middle of the yard" house comes the owner.  And he yells across the street at us "Don't let your dog go in someone else's yard!"  And when I say he yelled, I mean he YELLED. 

Me, of course, understanding his frustration as I'm sure he's picking it up out of his own yard all the time, calmly says "Oh, don't worry - I'm picking it up."  Did this make him happy???  Absolutely not, he YELLED at me again "It doesn't matter, you shouldn't let them do that, it's not right!!".

Hubby then stepped in and said  "We won't come anywhere near your house." In which, the man again YELLED, "It's not right!!"  (by this time I could see his wife looking out the door - mind you that the owner of the house that Toby actually pooped in never came out or looked out a window).  Frankly, my temper started to rise and I would of loved to of taken my poop bag and shoved it right in the man's face...but hubby kept walking and we continued with the pink bunny man glaring at us as we continued up the street and around the curve.

This totally ruined the walk for me and I was very angry thus upsetting myself.  I got yelled at for doing what was RIGHT....he had the right to yell, had I walked away and left it, but I didn't.  Out of all the dog walkers in the entire neighborhood, he yelled at the two people that actually clean up!!  What an a**.

And what should I do when walking a dog and it has to poop???  Tell him to hold it??  A dog's going to do what a dog's going to do.  Nothing would please me more than to have a large fenced yard for my dogs to run in, unfortunately I don't have that.



  1. This guy was obviously an asshat with issues and needs a muzzle. Don't get upset about it because you can't change him and this is HIS problem, not yours. you are doing the right thing and the majority of people appreciate it.


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