Falling Through The Cracks

I've been grumpy and such....it's the diet.  Oh, it's not the non-support of family members and co-workers (that's easily forgivable), it's just well me.

I've hardly eaten anything the past 2 days.  Yesterday at lunch, I could not eat what I brought because I was sick of eating that.  Today, I started the day with a Atkins/pumpkin shake...I then decided to eat out at lunch for a change and chose Boston Market - I got 1/4 white chicken with mixed vegetables and creamed spinach....the mixed veggies ended up being a miss as I could only have the broccoli out of it...and though I really don't like cooked spinach, after a few bites....I just got depressed.  This evening hubby and I went to Bob Evans for dinner and decided on the breakfast menu to make it easier....it really wasn't.  I ended up with an omelet consisting of ham, bacon, onions, tomatoes, spinach and cheese.  Had to pass on the potatoes and biscuits..but got a side of bacon.  I ate the bacon....picked at the omelet as it was quite unappetizing.  It was at this moment I realized I had to come up with a solution or starve.

My biggest issue happens to be in the vegetable area.  I just have very few I like...and I've noticed at the Atkins boards I'm not the only one suffering with this.  They really give no solution other than well just learn to eat them.  That's not very helpful.

Though the next phase of Atkins, which I'm due to start next week, let's me begin to add things back in (nuts, fruit, yogurt, etc...), there still is the veggie problem and absolutely no upgrades to the veggies I like.  I can only really eat so much pumpkin.

As I'm voicing my concerns to an online diet pal...she said that if I were complaining about potato chips or something, she'd just tell me to get over it....but it's veggies I'm in a tizzy about.  VEGGIES!!!  Yeah, there are some that are better than others, but if all it takes is a small serving of peas, potatoes or corn to keep me on the diet - then eat them!!  I, of course, advised her that the carbs and sugar content make that impossible for Atkins.  She in turn told me that the new phase is about putting yourself back in to normal eating a step at a time.  It's about learning what and how much you can eat...and what causes you to gain weight.  Yes, it may be overstepping the program adding that stuff in, but she was sure that a serving of peas wasn't gone to gain me 5 pounds. 

I think she may be right.  I pulled my old Curves diet book out, which is a low carb diet and the first week looks pretty much in line with the next Atkins phase.  So I may use that as a guide and hopefully get more variety out of it.