Can I Get A Little Support Here Please?????

Last post I mentioned my Atkins Diet - I weighed in Sunday Morning and was down 7 lbs. in the first week - HURRAY!!!

When I started this diet journey, I opted not to mention it to too many people.  At work, when asked if I needed lunch, I just responded that I packed.  Which isn't exactly a lie, as I did...I just didn't mention that it was due to a diet.  Eventually someone found out, after seeing me drinking an Atkins shake.  Conversation went like this:

Co-worker:    Are you doing Atkins?
Me:                Yes.
Co-worker:    So you're eating just meat, cheese and eggs?
Me:                No, that's a misconception - that isn't Atkins at all.  You move through phases gradually
adding carbs back in.  Most of your carb intake is to be vegetables.
Co-worker:    Oh......

A few days later while crunching on some celery, the same co-worker advised me that I'd never last due to my addiction to potato chips.

My immediate family was aware of my diet.  I get to my mother's and both she and my sister immediately ask "Are you still on your diet?"  I answered that yes I was and that I had lost 7 lbs.  Conversation went like this:

Mom:     Really?  (as she glanced up and down me)
Sister:    Don't get use to that type of weight loss, you always lose alot the first time then it dwindles to a little.....and then you don't want to continue. you see my point???  First thing, I've dieted before and am quite aware that you lose the most weight the first week (which is mostly water), I'm also quite aware that I'll be lucky if I lose a pound a week here on out and it will take some effort to get there.  As for my co-worker, yes I do love potato chips, I've never hidden that fact and at some point I'll probably be craving them....but can we not discuss it?!

What about  - Good job, just keep hanging in there!   Wouldn't that be an appropriate reaction???

I have a my cousin's bridal shower to go to next week...I'm quite sure they'll be food that I cannot eat - I may not be able to eat any of it, but that's okay....but I know, my mother will announce it to everyone - "Laura's on a diet and can't eat any of this."  She'll then continue with the dozens or so reasons why she couldn't do this particular diet.  She'll also apologize eating things in front of me, but let me know how good it is.  I don't want people to know I'm dieting and I certainly don't want people to prepare special dishes for me.  And I just don't want to discuss it with anyone, it's a private matter.

My weight loss may not be noticeable to alot of people right now, I don't expect it to be...but it is to me, not just on the scale but with my clothes and the mirror as well.  That's the only time I want to discuss my diet - when someone notices with a "Have you lost weight?" or to compare notes with someone who is struggling through the same thing.


  1. Well, I think you are doing great! And the thing is that sometimes (and I don't think this about your mom, but I don't know what sister it was or if that sister has any weight isues...same with the co-worker)people are afraid to see us succeed, which is sad. But we become a certain person to them...and they are afraid of what the changes in us will mean to them.
    Stick with it, girl! Your motivation needs to come from within more than from anywhere!

  2. Good Job. Hang in there. Repeat at least once a week.

    (When did they clone my Mom?)


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