"True Blood" - "Twilight" For Adults

I'm not a Twilight fan...just can't see the hype.  As I tell my husband, it's nothing but vampire fluff...

Or maybe it's not vampires at all.  It's like one day someone got the idea that they wanted to write a story about a teenager who falls in love with a teenage vampire.  Now, how would the two meet?  Well, school would be the obvious place, but a vampire can't go out in sunlight and it would seem stupid to have them go to night school, hmmmmm.....oh I now, I'll just change the entire vampire legend to accommodate my story!  And thus, Twilight was born.

I've never read the books.  Though I've been told how great they are, I did in fact go out and buy the first one.  I couldn't get through the first 20 pages, much less read the whole series.  I did however go see the first movie with CC, which was my first Twilight experience.  It was alright, but I couldn't get past the fact that the vampires were out in daylight!!  So I didn't anxiously await for the next movie to come out.  I didn't even go see it.

However, this past weekend I decided to watch New Moon on Comcast on Demand.  What a S N O R E  F E S T.   I almost fell asleep, I'm not kidding you.  As a matter of fact, I went to bed halfway through it and then forced myself to finish it the next day and I only did that because I had paid for it. 

First there's Edward - he's the vampire love interest.  Edward always looks depressed.  Even when he should be happy, he never shows it.  He's the vampire that doesn't want to be a vampire and just lives this tragic existence.  You can relate to this because technically when you're a vampire and you don't want to be, you should be able to go out into the sunlight and burn up....but in this case your skin just glitters.  I'd be depressed too!

Then there's Jacob - Jacob's the guy that wants to be the love interest; but the heroine only sees as a good friend.  Oh and to make he and Edward even more competitive - he's a werewolf!!  And in case you didn't know, the werewolfness only comes out when vampires are around...they are sworn enemies.  Yep, you got it, no howling at the full moon, the werewolf legend must be changed to accommodate the author's story.

And then there's Bella - our story's heroine.  You think Edward's depressed?  You should meet Bella.  What a joy she is to be around.  The girl is NEVER happy.  She never smiles.  But while watching the movie I realized probably a very good reason I don't like these movies (other than the liberties taken with the legends)....Bella has no chemistry with either Edward or Jacob.  I don't know if it's the actress playing the part or what but there is absolutely no chemistry there.  So how can you make this love story work?  Oh well apparently you don't...people just seem to buy into the fact that they are in love...whether they see it or not.

So I'm not a Twilight fan.

True Blood, however........how can you not want this:


No fluff here - if he goes out in sunlight....he's gonna burn up!!!  He's the bad boy vampire and I sooooo....
look forward to the new season to have him in my house again!!


  1. See, I really like the first two Twilight books. Only saw the first movie and it sucked in my opinion; very poorly cast. Could not agree more about the depression of the characters and that chick is not a Bella! The third book is apparently a hard read; youth girls have told me this after I put it down halfway through and have yet to pick it back up again. But the movies? Never plan on watching another one.


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