A Few More Days Go By....

Well Go Daddy has changed the posting area again and now I have to relearn where everything is.  I don't understand why they keep doing this!!

So far my diet has brought me down 9 lbs. in a 2 week period - which is VERY good, however, the hard part has started and the weight loss will drop to 1-2 lbs. a week or possibly none at all.  I do have weak moments though....My cousin's Bridal Shower was one of them.  There was plenty I COULD eat actually - cheese, meatballs, deli meats....but I also opted for a small slice of cake and a few pretzels.  No over eating, but a little off menu.  I also went to the movies this week which involved popcorn (salt, but no butter) and though I probably ate as much as I normally do, I didn't have any Jujy Fruits, Gobstoppers or Snowcaps to go along with it.

I've added some nuts in this week and I just bought some yogurt, though not the kind they suggest as I only eat one kind.  The carb content on it seems awfully high though, but I figure one or two a week can't be all that bad.

So I'm doing better but not totally sticking to things the way they should be.  When looking at diets you have to ask whether or not you can live the rest of your life eating that way or not; so I'm trying to adjust things without going back to the old way.  But if I don't have treats every once in a while, I'll go nuts!!

I do get sick thinking about food all the time though.  It's the one bad thing about diets.....