Snow, Snow, Everywhere!!!

Winter hasn't been very kind to us this year.  Oh I know, I know...there are others who have it allot worse, but when you've had a few years of mild winters, you can never be prepared for snow!

Last Saturday was my birthday.  We got snow.  This was the surprise snow as we weren't suppose to get any and ended up with 3-4 inches.  So I didn't get my birthday dinner out with hubby - we postponed to today.

Ummmm, yeah......guess what?  It's snowing, and not just a 3-4 inches....we're expected anywhere from 24-30 inches!!  Let's hope *that* much really doesn't happen.  So my birthday dinner again was postponed to whenever....

With the forecast giving such a huge amount, I began to worry about Mickey.  Remember him?  He's the cat that insists on living at our old house with the new owners.  Though they take very good care of him, they don't allow him inside due to their own cat...but he doesn't seem to mind.  However, I do...and though it's been months since Mickey has been with us, I began to worry anyway.  What if his shelter is under a shed / out building and it snows feet and he's stuck under it unable to get out??  <Yeah, I tend to start at the worst most possible thing>   They let us leave work early today so once I got home, I drove over with Keyser's old crate and asked that if they saw him to capture him and call us; they willingly agreed.

When hubby got home, we realized we needed some stuff from the grocery store (yeah, it's a nightmare there when they call for these storms).  We avoided Martin's and Walmart like the plague and headed to Food Lion which, for some reason, wasn't busy at all and was very well stocked.  Since we were on that side of town; we opted to drive by the old house - but no Mickey.  So we headed home.

We weren't home 20 minutes when the phone rang and well, you know...Mickey was ready for pick-up.  So back out we went.  He's now home under the dining room table sleeping; and though I know he won't stay forever, I do think he's glad to be in where it's warm and dry and there's an endless supply of food.

And with him home, I'll sleep a whole lot better tonight.