Dirt & Poop & Snow

I'm actually very filthy at the moment....today, I decided to clean the upstairs which houses the rabbit & guinea pigs and the computer.  I started on the animal side - dirt was expected...then I headed to my computer room.  Things were piling up....I ended up with 4 garbage bags full of trash and well there was dust and stuff EVERYWHERE.  Glad it's clean, but I really can't let it get that bad again - YUCK!!

Since Mickey's been home and he is due for shots; I opted yesterday to take him to the Luv My Pet vaccine clinic at PetCo.  I got up early so I could be in the front of the line (you wouldn't believe how long the line gets).  Mickey was easy to get into the crate.  The PetCo is like a 1/2 hour drive and well Mickey WHINED and HOWLED the entire way.  He nearly went nuts ripping up the carpet on the bottom of the crate and acted like it was life or death while in it.  It wasn't until we arrived at PetCo and we were sitting in the parking lot, that I realized he had pooped in the crate!!!  No wonder he was mad!  We moved to the back seat, where there was more room, and I fortunately had some old newspapers back there that could help get somewhat of a clean up done.  I let him out of the crate, not realizing he had the poop on him and he immediately tracked it across me and through the car!!!  None-the-less, I cleaned up the best we could, popped the newspapers into a nearby trash can and we went to the clinic...course I did have to explain the odor to everyone - well, not that anyone asked, but just in case - I offered.  Despite the cold weather, we had to drive home with the windows down and then I had to clean the car!!!  Oh and yes, Mickey HOWLED the whole way home as well.  But at least THAT is done for another year.

Snow is melting slowly, but of course we don't want it melting fast or we'd be dealing with flooding.  A few inches more is expected this week.  I really wish spring would get here.