Diets, Diets, Everywhere

During the  weird mess at my blog I wrote about last time, I found some comments that never posted.  One was for my posting in regards to choosing a diet, where I suggested that it wasn't necessary to PAY for an online diet due to FREE options being available.....

Tricia at the Ediets Community left the following message:

I know that it sometimes seems like a waste of money to pay for a diet program when there are free options available on the internet. But when I look at all the angles, my conclusion is that health is valuable. We often invest in less meaningful things, when good health really gives us the fuel to gain wealth and live long meaningful lives. offers a very cost effective program that provides a total package to its members. Support from Accredited Nutritionists and Fitness Experts is available to help guide users on the right path to achieving and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

My hope is that people will look at the long term benefits of good health, and make the right decisions now, to invest in their future. I encourage you try eDiets, and maximize on all the wonderful tools, resources and support that they offer.

There's some very good advice in this comment; especially the part that states we often invest in less meaningful things.  It's a true statement.

I'm doing a post on this comment as I think it's important when choosing an online diet that you make the right choice for yourself and the post shows what Ediets has to offer.  I actually did Ediets many years ago as well as Weight Watchers Online and Change One Online.  All very valuable diets with many tools and support available. 

I chose SparkPeople this time around not just because it's FREE; but because I've been dieting long enough to know the ins and outs and just wanted to use the tools they provide.   SparkPeople does have a wealth of information at their site, a community and some well educated people.  It cost nothing to give a trial run; it cost nothing to continue with it, and you've lost nothing if you decide not to continue.

However, by choosing a free option I in no way meant to say that the PAY diets weren't worth paying for...I just made a suggestion that it isn't necessary to pay for one.  The economy is bad - sometimes FREE is good.